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It’s been quite a long time since this blog has been updated, many apologies for that. As it turns out, Ashley and I have been off living our lives in the tech industry. Currently we both work for Microsoft! Ashley is a tester with SharePoint and I’m a technology enabler, helping students create cool stuff with Microsoft technology (not my actual job title). We now live across the country from each other (Seattle and DC) and that has made updating this show extremely difficult. We’ve decided to retire as show hosts and producers.

Don’t worry though! Ashley and I are still very active in the women in tech scene. Ashley organizes events for Teaching Kids Programming in the Seattle area. You can also find her on Twitter, @OrganizeFISH. I’m very involved with the DigiGirlz events in my area and I speak to a lot of women in STEM student groups on college campuses. You can find me on my blog, CreepyEd’s Tech-cellent Adventure, and on Twitter, @creepyed. Of course, you can also find us in-person at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.

We’ll miss you,

Ed & Ashley

Gloria Townsend, professor at Depauw University, talks about the benefits of the smaller, regional Grace Hopper Celebrations and how to encourage students to pursue technical majors.

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

Gail Farnsley, visiting professor at Purdue University, talks about her role and getting students involved at conferences.

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

Deborah Collins Stephens, co-author of This Is Not the Life I Ordered, talks about the highlights of her session at the Indiana Women in Computing Conference and gives some advice to women in technology.

Check out the book online at http://www.thisisnotthelifeiordered.com.

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

What a Web We Weave: Enhancing Conferences with an Online Community. This Lightning Talk was given by Ashley at the Indiana Women in Computing (InWic) conference.

You can find Ashley online right here, on Twitter, @OrganizeFish, and at her blog.

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

The Real World: 4 Things They Didn’t Tell You.  This Lightning Talk was given by Ed at the Indiana Women in Computing (InWic) conference.  This talk was awarded audience favorite.  Yay!

You can find Ed online right here and on Twitter, @creepyed.

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

Getting all packed for Grace Hopper in Atlanta!

To see what exactly I packed, check out the notes on this photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/edonahue/5030618015/

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Indiana Women in Computing 2010


We had a blast at PDC!


Our 1 year anniversary!


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