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Jim Pinkelman, Director of an Academic Evangelist team, talks about some great outreach programs that focus on women in technology and how a dad can encourage his daughter(s) to get involved in technology.

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

 Jennifer Marsman tells us what it’s like being a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, gives us a great overview of Windows Azure and a quick tip for interviewing at Microsoft.

You can find Jennifer online at her blog, http://blogs.msdn.com/jennifer/, and on Twitter, @jennifermarsman.

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

 Toi B. Wright of One Stop Designs tells us about organizing a Girl Geek Dinner and gives us some great ideas for activities for women in technology groups.  She also talks about the We Are Microsoft Charity Challenge Weekend, http://wearemicrosoft.com/.  (Because this video is published so far after the recording date, the event has already taken place, sorry!  I’m sure there will be one next year as well.  If you’re interested in coding for a good cause, you may want to look into Give Camps.)

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

Shoshanna Budzianowski, Group Program Manager at Microsoft, tell us what she loves about technology and gives us some great advice for women in technology.

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

Lisa Feigenbaum, from Microsoft, talks to us about Visual Studio languages, her own career path, and some of the cool new changes coming with Visual Studio 2010 release.

For more on Visual Studio 2010, check out http://msdn.com/vstudio

You can find Lisa online at her blog, http://blogs.msdn.com/lisa/, and on Twitter, http://twitter.com/lisafeig

Thanks to Ruby Shuz and Cody Whitesell.

Catherine Eibner, a Dynamics Developer Evangelist from Microsoft, talks to us about how much she loves her job, her involvement with Girl Geek Dinners, and what she needs at work to make sure her whole life has balance.

You can find Catherine online at her Twitter account, @ceibner, or on her site, Geek Girl Blogs.

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

 Jacqueline Crowhurst, form Microsoft, talks to us about some cool projects her team has been involved in and about some of the discussions she had at the Microsoft Women’s Networking Lunch.

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

Sara Chipps, Lead Girl at GirlDeveloper.com, talks to us about why she started GirlDeveloper.com and how to overcome one of the most common challeges of side-projects.

You can find Sara online at http://girldeveloper.com and http://www.twitter.com/sarajchipps.  And be sure to check out http://bundl.it!

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

Shobana, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Research, talks with us about some of the projects she’s worked on, her own background, and how Microsoft Research contributes to PDC.

If  you want to learn more about Microsoft Research, check out: http://research.microsoft.com/

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

Cathy Dumas, Program Manager on the Workflow Designer at Microsoft, tells us why mentoring can be beneficial for students and gives us advice for both mentors and mentees.

You can find Cathy at her blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/cathyk/

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

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