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Valarie Bubb Fenwick of Sun Microsystems explains what open source is and her role as a developer on the Open Solaris project.  She also blogs at http://blogs.sun.com/bubbva/.

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

Wiki notes for Open Source Community Development: http://community.anitaborg.org/wiki/index.php/Open_Source_Community_Development
Official GHC blog posts for Open Source Community Development:



Deirdre Straughan and Teresa Giacomini, both with Sun Microsystems, discuss growing the community behind the OpenSolaris Open Source project.

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

Deidre Straughan a Community Specialist and (Video)blogger at Sun Microsystems discusses why video is effective. You can find her video at http://blog.sun.com/video and her blog at http://blog.sun.com/deirdre.

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

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