Ed & Ashley's 5 Minute Show

Episode 70 – Ed Donahue (InWic10)

Posted on: December 23, 2010

The Real World: 4 Things They Didn’t Tell You.  This Lightning Talk was given by Ed at the Indiana Women in Computing (InWic) conference.  This talk was awarded audience favorite.  Yay!

You can find Ed online right here and on Twitter, @creepyed.

Thanks to Cody Whitesell and Ruby Shuz.

2 Responses to "Episode 70 – Ed Donahue (InWic10)"

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Grace Hopper (GHC), Erin 'Ed' Donahue. Erin 'Ed' Donahue said: Episode 70 of Ed & Ashley's 5 Minute Show featuring yours truly giving a lightning talk at InWic! http://bit.ly/dSTmVK […]

[…] and other good friends.  I had some great chats with some very knowledgeable women.  I gave this lightning talk and was awarded Audience Favorite.  Woo […]

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  • Except storing in one container and (h)eating in another is more dishes. Boo dishes. 1 week ago
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